Hidden Dark Mode in FB Messenger ·COOLEST BLACK·

Now user can finally access the long-awaited 'dark mode' in Facebook's Messenger app for Android and iOS ❗

【STEP 01】

Now, it's available to everyone who has the latest version of the app installed on their devices.

【STEP 02】

Send a message to someone you know (or even yourself) that consists solely of a crescent-shaped moon emoji (the one that looks like this 🌙 ).

Several moon emoji will rain down over your conversation screen, letting you know that the feature has been unlocked and can be toggled on or off within the app's settings menu.

【STEP 03】

***Back to your Messenger's main page and press your picture (Left Upper Corner)***
Here comes the button to activate your DARK MODE 😜

Really simple step to take your conversations into seriously dark territory 🤓

Hope you enjoy the dark mode while chit chat 😚

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