Top 3 Trends About Bags You Should Know

It's time to set our sights on 2019

Bags are a matter of taste. Usher in the new trends for 2019, you will fall in love with the small, sporty, and cool, which is the exact vibe of camera bag. For bag-lover, you won’t believe your eyes, trust me.. Let’s see how attractive this bag could beee

1.Marc Jacobs Postcard Snapshot Small Camera Bag

This small bag packs a punch and has a long list of celebs who love it too.
It comes with various of colours just for you.

You might feel the colour is too sharp for you. But a vibrant carryall is more versatile than you think—especially when paired with the right ensemble~

2.Tory Burch Kira Chevron Small Camera Bag

Latest camera bag from Tory Burch ! It looks soooo cutie pieeee~ cute in size even the colour too~

hmmm~~~ Gonna add it in my closet 😂

3. Coach Belt Bag With Deco Quilting Alternate 

Crossbody, Satchel, Sling, Clutch....common bag ~ Let me introduce you the bag you won't think of - Belt Bag is here ! Come on~~ is a Trend.

Very unique belt bag ~~~ boost up your fashion sense to the maxxxx


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Grab your chance to catch up trend ~~~


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