[Top 6] Fashion trend full of surprise~

Fashion never get end with surprise. It just get weirder and weirdest.

1.Ball-Shaped Not Squares

Hmm….. Is that possible to fit our phone into a circular bag? However, I’m pretty sure it make a good ball-chain weapon in a pinch just like Wrecking Balls.

Marine Serre, Louis Vuitton

2. Tiny Tiny and Tiny

I don’t know what it capable for carry your belongings. But somehow, they were darn ubiquitous in trends. A key chain size bag.

Brandon Maxwell
Jil Sander

3. New Unique Shape

Designer never rest to break from tradition. Trying hard to create a brand new shape bag..


4. Whimsical Bags

A bag that go beyond your imagination. Seriously ? A transparent bag with a perfect size and shape for a bottle of wine. I wonder is anyone will consider to own one ?

Brandon Maxwell

5. Large Version Bag

So... I wrote about tiny bag. And now, here comes the oversize bag. A bag for travel in style i guess..

Proenza Schouler
Victoria Beckham

6. Bag Hanging on Your Waist

Hands-free belt bag. Fashionable and stylish. Different compartments are attached - phone, card, key or perhaps for attaching a dog leash.


Not sure how it changes on 2020🤔

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